Microsoft exchange email security

Ensure that Your Email Users are Protected

Microsoft Excahnge is an accessible, durable and configurable way to manage email for your users, but Exchange Online Protection has always been a few steps behind the cutting edge in spam filtering and email security. With Green’s Torque cloud solutions, you can offer Microsoft Exchange email security along with the Continuity, Encryption and Archiving that provide a full suite of convenience and protection at great value.


Continuity, Encryption and Archiving Allow You to Get More in Exchange

There are a lot of uncertainties in this world, and wondering if you’ll respond to an email outage in time is definitely one of them. That’s why Green Cloud includes Email Continuity with an Emergency Inbox, which keeps email accessible 24/7/365, whatever comes. Along with user-friendly email Encryption and 10-year unlimited Archiving that features remote journaling and easy e-discovery, Green Cloud gives you everything you need to get more out of your Microsoft Exchange deployment.

Discover the Benefits of the Green Torque Service Experience

We offer 24/7/365 support for critical issues, along with a seasoned and veteran panel of support all-stars who don’t just stick in the corners of email security, but dive deep into the systems and services that we work with. Our customers are exceedingly satisfied and rarely leave us – something you’ll discover for yourself if you choose our services.


Get the Best Email Protection for Microsoft Exchange

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding service, solutions and novel processes to get the job done. In protecting your Exchange with Green Torque, you’ll not only discover the benefits of working with our experts, but against today’s most serious risks and the next wave of email threats to come.

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