Greencloud cloud email security

Powerful Filtering, Protection, Continuity, Encryption and Archiving for Email

Green’s Torque Green Cloud is a cloud email security product providing real-time threat protection spam and phishing detection, advanced multi-layer anti-virus and email archiving. Users receive comprehensive protection against unwanted and malicious email. while administrators can easily tailor service to users’ needs and policies.


The Threats Never Reach Your Servers

Once Green Cloud is set up, all incoming traffic to users is filtered at the data center, according to your configurations, before it ever reaches the destination server. Within fractions of a second, heuristics-based anti-spam filtering and antivirus engines separate the threats from legitimate messages. Legitimate messages are delivered to users without delay, while suspicious mail is diverted to a quarantine area where it can be reviewed and managed. With our new SpamReporter Outlook plugin, you’ll also allow users to report and whitelist or blacklist unwanted email, making the quality of filtering better than ever.


Complete and Intuitive Admin Control

Green Cloud allows administrators to arrange users into groups and then easily manage global controls across their entire deployment. Green Cloud includes the tools administrators need to monitor secure, and regulate server connections and email delivery. A clean, easily navigable interface, single Login for Complete Admin Control, Per-User Controls and Quarantine Access, Automated Provisioning and Multi-Level Management Options all make for a more complete cloud based email security solution.

Premium-Grade Protection for Office 365

More and more organizations migrating to Office 365 are being left in the lurch by Exchange Online Protection. With Green Cloud you can access powerful filtering, Advanced Threat Protection that actually stops phishing, along with Encryption and Archiving that don’t break the bank.

Learn more about Green Cloud for Office 365

Green Cloud is a complete cloud email security solution that can provide you the peace of mind you need to allow you to focus on managing your business. Talk to us about our tailored offerings, or schedule a demo to discover more.