Office 365 email security

Office 365 is about Productivity, Let Us Cover the Security

Moving to the cloud with O365 can help improve your productivity and the ability of your employees to connect. Though, for many, it can also make your organization more vulnerable to malicious emails and threats across devices and networks. Improved productivity, convenience and collaboration is not worthwhile if it means leaving your network vulnerable to email security threats.


Save Time and Money with our Email Security Solution for Office 365

As an SMB, your needs and sometimes limited resources are our prime concern. That’s why our Office 365 email security solution is built with the SMB concerns in mind, saving you time, money and worry. With Green Cloud, you not only get the features you need for O365 at a great price point, but a highly intuitive web-based interface that’s easy to navigate and flexible to manage. On top of this, our 24/7/365 customer support means that there’s always someone available to talk you through any challenges or issues you may face.

A solution that puts you in control

Email threats and compliance risks are only increasing as time goes on, and Office 365 needs better security than what comes “out-of-the-box”. Green Cloud is the solution of choice for SMB’s and partners that need powerful filtering, Advanced Threat Protection, Continuity, Encryption and Archiving for Email. Download our white paper or start a self-serve trial to learn more.

Learn more about Office 365 Threats Access modusCloud’s Self-Serve platform

Office 365 is a powerful solution that helps improve your organization’s productivity, but its email filtering and other security features can create challenges for your IT department. With Green’s torque Green Cloud, you get more value knowing that your organization is better protected, as is your IT team’s schedule.


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