Secure email encryption

Email Encryption for Compliance and Peace of Mind

The need to secure communications that contain sensitive data has never been greater. Fines for noncompliance with industry regulation, such as HIPAA, negative publicity, and loss of customer trust await any company that loses confidential customer information. Green Cloud Email Encryption is purpose-built to help SMBs prevent data loss by domain-level email encryption.

Encrypt Outbound Email

Our email encryption solution monitors outbound email communication. Custom filters can identify sensitive number sets while managed dictionaries can identify words usually grouped around sensitive information. Encryption commands can be included through a subject line. All of these triggers enable automated email encryption.

Messages are then uploaded and stored in our highly secure hosted cloud storage infrastructure. External users are sent email notifications when they have been sent an encrypted message, and are directed to a web-based user interface to read and respond to emails, while your own users can even trigger outbound encryption through an outlook plugin, while also managing replies directly in Outlook.



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Granular Control Built With Your Flexibility In Mind

Because of Green Cloud’s domain-level encryption, your users can encrypt messages through subject line tags, DLP, an Outlook plugin or even simple sensitivity flags. Smart identifiers catch credit card, social security and other sensitive number strings and managed dictionaries capture sensitive terms close to one another (e.g. “Buy”, “Sell”, “Derivative” for financial brokerages) automatically encrypt messages, ensuring your users’ email environment is fully padded by your encryption requirements, even from mobile devices.

If you need encryption for your email, whether you are in the health industry and looking for HIPAA Compliance, a lawyer, banker or other professional service and need to protect your clients’ or patients’ sensitive information, talk to us to find out how our solution will not only fit your email encryption needs, but also provide you with peace of mind.