Advanced malware protection

Protection From What You Can’t See…

Malware or malicious software, is often hidden or embedded in non-malicious files and is used by hackers to obtain a target’s sensitive personal, financial or business information as well as gain access to private computer systems. You need advanced malware protection to secure your data.

Dual Anti-Virus Protection

Green’s Torque Green Cloud and Green Gate provide leading anti-virus protection against the latest email borne cybersecurity threats. All messages and attachments are scanned for potential email viruses and malicious code before delivery. Infected messages are not delivered to the user and cannot be released by end users at any time. Virus protection is fully integrated into our service to provide complete protection without any configuration requirements.

Spam Protection

Green Torque anti-spam provides protection from over 99.5% of spam, meaning threats from email containing Malware don’t get through. Using machine learning, AI and a spam scoring formula, our spam protection is an industry leading solution. Admins and users can control the filter’s aggressiveness and our content scanning filters.

Attachment Sandboxing

Advanced threats are reaching users’ inboxes at an ever more rapid rate, with unique hashes and other obscured characteristics making new malicious attachments unrecognizable to conventional filters. Green Cloud incorporates protection from advanced threats with attachment sandboxing, validating the safety of every attachment through a multi-tiered, case-by-case process that gives your users maximum protection through email.

Malware continues to pose a powerful threat to everyday business. Schedule your demo with Green Torque and start securing your organization with our Advanced Malware Protection.