Email domain spoofing

A Fast Growing Threat

Domain and Email Spoofing function as masks for scammers, allowing them to bypass both email servers that filter out dubious senders and users who miss the look-alike domains. Spoofed email and domains generally have low success rates, but the volume of spoofing attacks that now take place – particularly in multi-layered phishing attacks or Business Email Compromise Scams – mean that preventing spoofing attacks is a growing need for the security of today’s businesses.

URL Defense

Malicious URLs are an increasingly significant email threat. Ransomware and Phishing messages both often leverage malicious links to either distribute malware or illegitimately obtain credentials. Furthermore, these URLs now often pass edge security service scans, only becoming malicious after a few clicks following delivery. Green Cloud’s URL Defense rewrites every email URL to ensure time-of-click scanning, preventing malicious URLs from affecting your organization if an email or domain is successfully spoofed.

Targeted Phishing Protection

Targeted Phishing Protection is crucial to prevent spoofing attacks. Highly targeted attacks increasingly use social engineering to gain the data or other access they seek. Where most phishing attacks are broad-based to take advantage of as many users as possible, targeted phishing is driven by research, often appears to come from someone the victim knows or has researched, and is sent in low volumes, evading most traditional spam IP filtering engines.


Our products include email authentication mechanisms such as DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to help prevent spoofing of your domain. Our Green Gate also authenticates against DMARC (Domain-based Messaging Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) records, an important step in protecting domains and company brands from spoofing.

While Domain and Email Spoofing can pose threats to your business, Green’s Torque email security solutions can provide you the protection you need. Book your demo to discover more.