Email fraud protection

Prevent Scams from Affecting Your Bottom Line

Phishing, Ransomware and other threats are commonly delivered through email, but Email Fraud is rapidly becoming a chief concern. In part because it’s so easy to target users, groom them and execute attacks (anyone who can spoof an email or an invoice can do it), companies are losing billions every year to email fraud attacks. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend billions to get Email Fraud Protection for yourself.

Relying solely on your Users can be Risky

While may requests for funds, fake invoices or other attempts at Email Fraud can be easily identified by most users, all it takes is one mistake to lose tens of thousands of dollars or more. With protection against Email Fraud built into Green Cloud’s Advanced Threat Protection suite, the phishing and spoofing tactics used by attackers, along with the malicious links and attachments common to all forms of compromised email, you’re able to cut out fraudsters before they ever reach your users.


Take Action to Stop Fraud from Costing Your Organization

Email Protection may seem expensive to some, but with 90% of organizations getting targeted by Email Fraud attacks every

year, it’s only a matter of time before an attack creates risk for your organization. The potential costs of this far outweigh

the costs of prevention. With all the other benefits of a secure email gateway that features Encryption and Archiving in tow,

Green Cloud offers you effective protection that blocks email spam and keeps your users focused on productive work – not

the distractions and mistakes that come with suspicious messages.