Malicious attachment defense

“Please See Attached Virus?”

Many phishing schemes rely on malicious email attachments to infiltrate a network. As most email servers automatically block malicious programs, attackers are hiding threats in email attachments. These attachments are packed with malware capable of planting a virus and are often used in spear-phishing attacks, to deliver banking Trojans, ransomware, and other malware. Malicious attachment defense will keep your business protected.


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Big Data and Cloud Architecture

Our cloud based architecture analyzes billions of messages a day, providing global visibility and early protection for emerging threats. We identify and block malicious attachments that would evade traditional security solutions through big data statistical models and predictive analysis of where threats will emerge. With the intelligence gathered from large enterprises worldwide, every business can access up to date protection via Green Cloud, while Attachment Sandboxing provides further case-by-case protection from targeted threats that arrive through email.

Dynamic Malware Analysis

Effective Malicious Attachment Defense requires strong malware protection, which is fundamental to Green’s Torque solutions. Green Gate incorporates an integrated layer of advanced Anti-Virus scanning and combines it with our own machine learning capabilities, ensuring that most attachments containing malware are quarantined from your recipients, while any malware that does make it through is neutralized by leading endpoint AV.

Targeted Attack Protection

Green Torque leverages the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, to provide Attachment Defense to effectively detect malicious email attachments. Inbound and outbound messages that include attachments are analyzed using the intelligence gathered from analyzing billions of message daily. Messages that contain known malicious attachments can be blocked from delivery, even if they don’t contain known threats and may pass a signature-based scan.

Malicious attachments need not trigger fear within your organization. Get your Demo of Green’s Torque cloud based and on-premise email security solutions and see how Malicious Attachment Defense can protect your business.