Ransomware protection prevention

The Threat That Keeps Making Headlines

One of the fastest growing cyber threats, Ransomware is costing businesses in the billions each year. Hackers covertly implant malicious software on a user’s computer system and encrypt their or their organization’s data to inhibit access. The program then demands a ransom to restore device or network functionality. Ransomware protection and prevention is a must for your security plan.

Spam Protection

As with most email security threats, spam filtering is an important first step to stopping ransomware’s spread via email. Our solutions use real-time machine learning algorithms, scanning billions of emails to score emails. When combined with multi-layered file scanning and content filtering, over 99.5% of spam emails are stopped before they reach your users – all while you control the aggressiveness of the filter and set user access.

URL Defense

Domain reputation isn’t the only reliable marker of legitimate emails anymore. Successful BEC-type attacks have proven the ability of attackers to still benefit from emails with no malicious content. The same strategies are used to distribute drive-by-downloads, credential phishing schemes and other link-based attacks, with links even turning malicious after delivery, thus evading edge security services by being deemed clean on entry. Green’s Torque Green Cloud uses time-of-click scanning to rewrite these inbound links and checking them every time a user clicks, effectively defusing this evolving threat.

Attachment Defense

Using advanced statistical models and intel gathered from large enterprises, we are able to flag malicious attachments before they reach your inbox. Using techniques like Dynamic Malware Analysis, inbound and outbound emails are scanned and malware is stopped in its tracks. In this way, malware embedded in an attachment, whether an Office Macro or in a PDF, doesn’t get through, even if it may otherwise pass a signature-based AV scan.

Don’t fall victim to the next wave of ransomware attacks. With our ransomware protection solutions, you can rest assured that we will block the threats before they get to you. Talk to us to find out how, to setup a demo or trial and to learn about our pricing options.