Spam protection filtering

It Starts With A Spam Email

Spam is a massive daily calling for so many cyber criminals. Most of it is harmless, but many advanced email security threats still start with what could be considered “spam” email. A single click on an unsolicited email can trigger data breaches or other events that compromise your organization, costing money, time, productivity and even your business’s brand. This makes spam protection an important first step in any cybersecurity plan.

Real-Time Machine Learning Protection

Robust Anti-Spam & Multi-Layered Anti-Virus Protection Machine learning technology detects & combats spam threats in real time. Capturing the data from millions of messages, our solutions use advanced scoring to highlight high risk messages and ensuring they are marked with 99.5% effectiveness and a near-zero false positive rate – one of the reasons that Green Torque is a multi-VBSpam+ award winner.

Content and Image Filtering

Our real-time email content filtering layer allows organizations to define and enforce email compliance policies for message content and email attachments. It can be used to identify and control both inbound and outbound messages based on various attributes including; Content, Sender/recipient, Message size, IP address, Country of Origin, Attachments types/names, and more.

You Control Your Email and Content Filter’s Aggressiveness

Organizations can adjust the aggressiveness of the spam filtering, while self-service control is also available for end-users. This includes personalized spam filtering sensitivity settings, personalized safe and blocked sender lists, flexible and granular filter settings at the System, Domain and User levels. Admins can also approve or block messages based on sender address or domain, origin IP address, attachment size or file type and text content.

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