Targeted phishing protection prevention

Emails Threats Are Increasingly Targeted

Targeted Phishing has become a preferred method for hackers seeking sensitive information. Targeted phishing protection is fundamental to any email security plan and solution. Whether highly targeted Spear Phishing attacks or Whaling attacks focusing on individuals with high purchasing authority and various privileges, too many are not protected from these fraudulent emails. Targeted phishing victimizes organizations of all sizes.


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Spam Protection

With as high as 92% of cyber threats starting as an email, spam protection is a must. Our protection includes industry leading catch-rates with content filtering based on specific policies. Our algorithms create a spam score for emails based on our analysis of billions of emails. The level of aggressiveness is up to account admins.

Machine Learning and AI

We identify suspicious email based on algorithms that look for unusual patterns in traffic, sending domains, authority, reputation and more to stop suspicious emails. As well, as soon as email is flagged as spam, our algorithms are updated, meaning the emails get blocked from all our clients.

URL and Attachment Defense

URL and Attachment Defense are key to effective threat protection. Links are often spoofed or refer to a malicious site. When users click a link, a real-time check is done to ensure the destination site is safe, no matter what device they’re on. Malicious Attachments are also filtered and quarantined, giving your users more confidence in addressing malicious emails.

DMARC for Green Gate

Features the ability to authenticate emails based on DMARC with an added professional service that helps you set and maintain your own DMARC policy, enabling you to prevent up to 75% of Business Email Compromise or Phishing Attacks that use Domain and Email Spoofing to mislead your employees.

Email Phishing, conducted by cyber criminals using sophisticated social engineering techniques, is the primary cyber threat facing your business today. Request a demo of Green’s Torque email security solutions to discover more about how we can protect your organization from targeted phishing.