Url defense solution

How URL Defense Keeps You Secure

Malicious URLs are becoming an increasingly important cyber threat. Ransomware and phishing – two of the most concerning email threats today – both often leverage malicious links to either distribute malware or illegitimately obtain important credentials. The malcious links they use will often be clicked on, as they look legitimate to the undiscerning eye, but will actually refer to sites that can propagate the sorts of attacks to which organizations are most at risk.


Real-Time Analysis

Many of today’s attackers use links that become malicious only after an edge security service has already scanned the message and deemed it to be clean. To address this, Malicious URL Defense further offers Real-Time Dynamic Analysis, meaning the destination URL delivered to your user’s emails are analyzed and protected, regardless of device, time and location. This protects from the most insidious of threats, including links that attempt to evade detection by an initial scan, keeping your organization safe no matter what.


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Protection Across Your Network

Using a Dynamic Malware Analysis tool, we block attachments that evade traditional security solutions. This protection extends across your entire corporate network, public networks and mobile devices. This is essential with a mobile and often dispersed workforce.

Protection Against Targeted Attacks

Targeted Attack Protection technology is driven by URL defense and more to block malicious websites from reaching your users with time-of-click scanning, helping stem the tide of attacks using spear-phishing techniques and other methods that compromise your high-authority users.

Solutions on a Cloud Scale

With cloud based Green Cloud email security, billions of messages are scanned daily, providing global visibility and early protection from emerging threats. Statistical modelling provides predictive analytics to counteract threats before they are known, and blocked from our network immediately.

Our URL Defense solution uses cutting edge technology to ensure you and your team have cross-network security. Talk to us about how to get set up and what packages best suit your email security needs.