Zero day attack prevention protection

An Open Door to Your Network

Zero Day attacks are specific kinds of holes or vulnerabilities that are found in software that is mostly undetectable to the vendor. The lack of awareness from the vendor’s side is a huge advantage for hackers. Zero Day Attack prevention and protection is a must to keep this backdoor closed.

Advanced Spam Filtering

A Zero Day Attack can be executed with tools as innocuous as a spam email. Messages with links or attachment can contain the unknown exploit, further justifying the need for layered security. Green Torque Spam Protection and Filtering uses machine-learning technology to capture data from billions of emails per day, allowing our filters to recognize malicious emails that may otherwise get through, including those employing techniques used to spread Zero Day Attacks.

Powerful Anti-Virus Protection

Integrating market-leading Anti-Virus protection with our email scanner allows you to get protection from all the latest email-borne cybersecurity threats. Signature-less Anti-Virus technology is crucial to stopping the unknown malware that proliferates in zero-day attacks, so whenever an out-of-control threat poses a risk to your network, you can rest assured that your users are protected from the threat’s rapid spread.

Social Media Protection

While many malware attacks begin with email, having social media protection stops malware from affecting your organization through a Tweet or Facebook Share. Using URL Defense, users are blocked from sites that are deemed malicious. Administrators are also alerted when an account violates one or more pre-configured policy templates that cover regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, and legal.

Zero-Day Attack Protection is a must for any organization. Email security is an essential first step to take to prevent and protect from this persistent threat. Talk to us about how we can get you setup and secure with a demo and free-trial period to see how we work to protect your email and organization.